Scuba Dive Class Schedule

Thunder Reef Divers offers both NAUI and PADI classes.

Both of the certifications are recognized worldwide and the training is based on the same standards.
If you have a preference or need for one agency over another agency come talk to us.
Phone: (360)573-8507 happy to talk about scuba diving anytime!

Complete Course: Only $595 plus tax
Includes all dive gear other than your personal gear.
Required personal gear is – Mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves and hood.

Note about PADI elearning
Please select the "Desktop & Tablet" version.
This version is newer and easier to navigate then the older desktop only version.
PADI gives you a choice when you sign up between these 2 versions.

Open Water Dive Certification Classes

This is the class to become a certified scuba diver! Download a copy of the schedule here. Please review the student learning agreement.

December 2020 – NAUI – Limited to 6 students

Pool: December 1, 3, 8, 10 : 6pm
Open Water: December 12 & 13
Instructor: George Martin - Class Booklet

January 2021 – PADI – Limited to 4 students

Pool: January, 11, 13, 18, 20 : 6pm
Open Water: January 23 & 24
Instructor: Jeff Vance - Class Booklet

February 2020 – NAUI – Limited to 4 students

Pool: January 25, 27,  February 1, 2 : 6pm
Open Water: February 6 & 7
Instructor: Mark Robinson

March 2021 – PADI – Limited to 4 students

Pool: March 8, 10, 15, 17 : 6pm
Open Water: March  20 & 21
Instructor: Jeff Vance

May 2021 – PADI – Limited to 4 students

Pool: May 10, 12, 17, 19 : 6pm
Open Water: May  22 & 23
Instructor: Jeff Vance

Phone: (360)573-8507

More classes being added all the time! Keep Checking back!

Remember you can get a private dive class at any time of the year!

Learn to dive in our
on-site heated pool!

Modern Clean
Rental Gear!

Large Selection
of dive masks
in stock!

Private and Semi-Private Classes:

We offer the ability to schedule a class in a private or semi-private setting. These classes can be tailored to meet your needs in terms of days and times for the academic, pool and open water training. Perfect for a family or busy professional when the public classes do not fit your schedule or needs.

Download a flyer here for more info on setting up this type of class.