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Service Menu

Prices listed are estimated.
Please bring your equipment in for a validated service price.

Service Item Cost Estimate
Regulator Annual Service, 1st and 2nd $75
Octo Annual $35
Airsource Annual $40
Regulator bench check $25
Dive computer battery change (kits additional & mandatory) $25-$175
Tank Visual Inspection with air fill $25
Tank hydro with visual inspection, valve clean, and air fill $50
Visual Eddy with air fill $30
O2 tank cleaning $25
Tank tumble $25
General repair services per hour $45

 Rental Menu

Rental Item Friday to Monday
Full set of gear & 1 Aluminum tank of air $125
BCD $20
Regulator Set & Computer $25
Aluminum Tank – 1 – Air fill $15
Steel Tank – 1 – Air fill $17
Wetsuit – 2 piece 7mm $20
Drysuit (Must be certified or a student) $100
Weight Harness & Weights $15
Dive gear can only be rented to certified divers. We also require a credit card on file in case of non return or damage to the item rented.

Air and Enriched Air (Nitrox) Fill Prices
O2 clean Air fill — $8 per tank

For Enriched Air (Nitrox) prices please call the shop for current rates.


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