At Thunder Reef Divers we offer the complete training and support you deserve. Up-to-date instructional techniques are combined with the most advanced scuba technology to make learning safe, comfortable, and fun. Learn to dive in one of the Northwest’s finest facilities while enjoying the convenience of Thunder Reefs’ on-site, private, heated pool.


Open Water Dive Classes

Becoming a scuba diver is easier then ever!

Complete course: Only $595 plus tax
E-Learning, Pool Session, Open Water Sessions and all scuba gear other than your personal gear. Personal gear is — Mask, fins, snorkle boots, gloves and hood.

Referral Course: Only $595 plus tax
Online Learning and Pool Session — You then complete your open water dives on your tropical dive trip. There are a lot of options to complete the course so come talk to the shop and we can help find a good one for you.

Private Classes – Full certification: $995 plus tax
Private Class – Referral Only: $795 plus tax
Come by the shop to talk about a private class.

Step 1:

Sign up with Thunder Reef and complete the classroom portion of your training on your own schedule. Give us a call at 360-573-8507 or come by the shop and talk to us in person about signing up.

With PADI or Naui online dive classroom you take the classroom portion from the comfort of your own home. Thunder Reef will provide you a code and direct you to the correct website for logging into the online classroom.

Please allow yourself enough time to complete the online classes prior to enrolling in the pool and open water sessions. You need a solid 10-12 hours at least to complete the online portion.

Step 2:

Next attend your pool class at Thunder Reef Divers.

Open Water Dives: (Puget Sound/Hood Canal)
The student is responsible for transportation, lodging, 2 air fills and charter fee/beach fee if applicable. Congratulations! You are now a certified scuba diver!

Referral Only Class:
We provide you the paperwork and can help schedule your open water dives at a tropical location. Let us know if you need help or advice to contact a dive shop to finish your class.
You have one year to complete your training.

Refunds and cancellations:
Once enrolled in a class the course fee is non-refundable.

Class Schedule:

May 2021 – PADI
Pool: May 10, 12, 17, 19 : 6pm
Open Water: May  22 & 23
Instructor: Jeff Vance
May #2 2021 – NAUI
Pool: May 18th : 6pm
Pool: May 20th : 6pm
Pool: May 28th : 6pm
Open Water: May 29 & 30
Instructor: Chastity Stern
June 2021 – NAUI
Pool: June 1, 3, 8, 10 : 6pm
Open Water: June 12 & 13
Instructor: George Martin
June #2 2021 – PADI
Pool: June 14th : 6pm
Pool: June 15th : 6pm
Pool: June 21st : 6pm
Pool: June 22nd : 6pm
Open Water: June 26 & 27
Instructor: Sabina Ibarra-Bolaños
June #3 2021 – NAUI
Pool: June 18th : 6pm
Pool: June 19th : 6pm
Pool: June 25th : 6pm
Open Water: June 26 & 27
Instructor: Chastity Stern
July #1 2021 – NAUI
Pool: July 1st : 6pm
Pool: July 2nd : 6am
Pool: June 9th : 6pm
Open Water: July 10 & 11
Instructor: Chastity Stern
July #2 2021 – Weekends only – PADI
Pool: July 24, 25 : 9AM
Open Water: July 31  & Aug 1
Instructor: Garth Edwards
August #1 2021 – NAUI
Pool: Aug 3rd : 6pm
Pool: Aug 5th : 6pm
Pool: Aug 13th : 6pm
Open Water: Aug 14 & 15
Instructor: Chastity Stern
August #2 2021 – NAUI
Pool: Aug 24th : 6pm
Pool: Aug 25th : 6pm
Pool: September 3rd : 6pm
Open Water: September 4 & 5
Instructor: Chastity Stern
More classes added all the time!
Stop by the shop for the latest classes or schedule a private class.


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