About Us

Our Mission

Thunder Reef Divers it is simple and direct - To be the leader in the dive industry and to provide the best Education, Equipment and Adventure Travel available anywhere in the world. Thunder Reef Divers is committed to excellence through innovation, education and exploration. Thunder Reef Divers is a concept, a team, a philosophy of excellence, reliability, and service to every customer who walks through our door. We are a dual PADI/NAUI dive center, offering a wide variety of training opportunities

Our History

Thunder Reef Divers first opened its doors in 1985. We have been growing ever since! With the addition of our indoor heated pool came increased convenience and flexibility for our customers. We are a dual PADI/NAUI facility. Let our experienced staff and diving instructors council you through your diving educational journey. Thunder Reef Divers is a full retail facility. We offer major dive gear lines, annually upgraded rental gear, and a highly experienced repair and service department to meet all your diving needs. We also enjoy planning local and exotic dive expeditions to keep us all active and excited about experiencing, exploring and enjoying the underwater world.

Thunder Reef Divers - Scuba Diving Portland OR and Vancouver WA
Thunder Reef Divers - Scuba Diving Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Thunder Reef Divers - Management

Greg Wolf
Owner - Service Technician
Started diving in 1992
Favorite Dive: Too many to list but I love Canada

Jen Gillock
Shop Manager - Cat Herding - PADI Dive Master #242645
Started diving in 2003
Favorite Dive: Duncan Rock off the coast of Washington but I love the peaceful quiet feeling of being underwater anyplace.

Thunder Reef Divers - Dive Professionals & Support Staff

Don Atwell
PADI Master Instructor #174932
NAUI Instructor Trainer
Started diving in 1999
I like introducing new people to an unbelievable new world.
Favorite Dive ever: Agamemnon Wall

George Martin
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #199932
NAUI Instructor
Started Diving in 1987
Favorite Dive: Travel - all the cool places we can go to dive. My favorite dive ever is: Wreck penetration of the Speigel Grove, Key Largo, FL, followed closely by wreck penetration of the HMCS Cape Breton, Nanaimo, B.C.

Jeff Vance
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #278838
NAUI Instructor
Webmaster - Gas Blender
Started diving in 2008
Favorite Dive: The next one, but I love cold water diving in the pacific northwest.

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Garth Edwards
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #310664
Started diving in 2010
I love to dive and also play the bagpipes!

Mark Hincle
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Started diving in 2015
My favorite dive was a Cenota in Playa Del Carmen Mexico by the name of “The Pit” it was truly like being on another planet. My second favorite dive is any night dive.

Sheldon Atwell
PADI Dive Master

Kim Carnahan
PADI Dive Master

Mark Robinson
NAUI Dive Master
Started diving in 1991
Favorite Dive: Manta Rays in Kona Hawaii

Steve Zedekar
PADI Dive Master
Started diving before the invention of the wheel (ask him!)

Ron Peters
Started Diving in 1970
If you want to hear about places to travel and dive, Ron is the guy!. He has tons of dive travel experience. He is more then happy to talk to you about some of the awesome places he has went and offer advice to where you should go and dive. That is if you can catch him between trips!

Brad Lundberg
Service Technician

Thunder Reef Divers - Future Dive Professionals

Kris Heflin
Dive Master Candidate

Mason Gillock
Dive Master Candidate
EFR Instructor #341382